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FIDIC contracts

In recent times, capital has been moving across borders with ease to achieve the best advantages for their owners and the least economic burden for them, which led international companies to invest their money in many different countries, which led to the emergence of a new type of legal problems that must be addressed, which This has resulted in a globalization of legal principles as well as the creation of a model model contracts that provide specialists in each area of ​​industry, investment and trade, which has made these contracts significant benefits as they provide a comprehensive vision of all the problems expected to occur as a result of Lord of the drafters of the terms and conditions of these contracts. Perhaps the most prominent example of these typical contracts contracts of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIG) in the areas of construction and civil engineering work in the field of mechanical and electrical work between the contractor and the employer, and this includes clarification and detail of the most important issues that may be encountered in the application of these contracts, including:

  • Obligations of the Contractor in the Preparation, Implementation and Delivery Phase.
  • General obligations and obligations of the Engineer during the implementation of the project and in the delivery phase.
  • Obligations of the employer during preparation, implementation and delivery.

Since the state is represented in its companies, bodies and institutions, it is involved in various partnerships to implement many important and major projects related to the development plan taking place in the country, Walid Yousef Lawyers Office provides a summary of his legal thought and his previous experience in FIDIC contracts, especially in the following matters, for example:

  • Contracting contract for civil engineering works or contract for construction works and the conditions of the contract of construction "Book red for 1999 and its amendments."
  • Contract of mechanical equipment, design and construction or contracting of mechanical and electrical works "Yellow Book of 199 and its amendments."
  • EPC, turnkey contract or integrated business contract “Silver Book” is suitable for infrastructure projects such as power plants and water treatment plants.
  • Green Book contracts for projects with small or short-term financial value.
  • Undertake all litigation and arbitration procedures for all disputes resulting from these contracts.
  • Providing all legal consultations related to related topics.
  • All other work and related matters.