Companies and commercial contracts

Walid Youssef Law Firm Office has the expertise to ensure that its customers overcome any obstacles that may hinder their business process, because of the trade fluctuations and developments require them to quickly adjust their situation and then Walid Youssef Law Firm Office has the ability and flexibility that allows him to easily Undertake the procedures of establishing and registering companies and drafting and building their documents in accordance with the provisions of the law. More

work law

There is no doubt that the individual working relationship and the work contracts and what they represent for employers and workers alike is of fundamental importance in the work life and environment and this relationship generated by the attraction of the rights and obligations of both parties, which necessitates the organization of this relationship Conforms to the provisions of the Labor Law and to the settler in the judgments and jurisprudence rules. More

Air, sea and land transport

The Transportation Sector is one of the most important pillars of the economic life in general and commercial in particular. Whether for passengers or cargo or the like. More

Oil, gas and mining

The Arab Republic of Egypt is witnessing a real boom in the fields of oil and gas, mining, exploration and detection of fields in Bahrain Red and Mediterranean, Port Said is one of the most promising cities in this area, especially that the field "Zohr" one of the most recently discovered fields, which lies off the coast of the valiant city, As this is the case, Walid Youssef Law Firm Office pays particular attention to this issue because of its diverse experience in this field.More

Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are numerous in the fields of scientific, literary, technological or social fields. Countries and enhance their competitiveness at the local and international levels. In fact, Walid Youssef Law Firm Office is fully aware of these facts and pays special attention to the protection of patents. More

civil law

The Civil Code is the first and main source for all other branches of law. It serves as the custodial mother of other laws derived from it both at the international and local levels. The Civil Code is the governing law for all daily transactions that take place in the lives of individuals or different entities and the like in other transactions.More

Criminal Law and Penal Code

Walid Yousef Lawyers Office has legal experts and consultants at the highest level and best specialists in the field of criminal law and penal law, which ensures clients easy to require their criminal rights and get the best defenses in their cases under study, analysis and opinion. More

Administrative Law and the State Council

Since the administrative decision is characterized by some characteristics that distinguish it from other actions taken by the competent administrative authority as it is a final legal act issued by the will of the individual administration, and that this decision is reflected in the impact on the administration and on individuals dealing or contractors with the administration, which arranges the rights and obligations of each Before the other, Walid Yousef Law Firm Office is one of the most brilliant offices working in this field. More

Sports Law

Walid Youssef Law Firm Office is unique among all law firms nationwide with its extensive and deep experience in the sports law due to the spread of awareness among the parties of the different sports institutions and bodies and their players. This relationship needs to be carefully organized, each party plans its right and determines its duties. Unique and unspecified offers for sports and athletes. More

Press and Information Law

Freedom of expression and the right to creative intellectual freedom are one of the things that the law guarantees channels for exercising in a way that does not allow the violation of the rights of others or infringement on any of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the law. Every step you take in this world. More

International Trade

There is no doubt that the interest of the international community in international trade has led to the development of uniform legal rules applicable to relations of an international commercial nature, replacing national laws, and therefore it is understood that international trade law is the set of legal rules applicable to trade relations related to private law.More

FIDIC contracts

In recent times, capital has been moving across borders with ease to achieve the best advantages for their owners and the least economic burden for them, which led international companies to invest their money in many different countries, which led to the emergence of a new type of legal problems that must be addressed, which This resulted in a globalization of legal principles. More

National Service

Since the great majority of the people of the great Egyptian people are committed to fulfilling the duty of national service, which is regulated in Law 127 of 1980, and this results in the need to settle some matters related to the position of the civil service or public institutions that the recruiter may have joined Before or after national service.More